About Us

About PGIO Mission of Mercy

Protect a girls image mission of mercy is a powerhouse for advocacy in fighting homelessness, awareness of mental health and mental illness and ending injustices that cause poverty.

We are community organizers who facilitate the lives of families and low-income workers affected by homelessness.

We are dedicated to putting vulnerable persons into shelters, safe houses and transitional homes.

We connect them to counselling, substance abuse treatment, and mental health services.


Working towards ending homelessness by connecting the homeless with existing services, providing materials, and economic and employment opportunities  on the local level  so people can work towards self-sufficiency.


Giving hope and promoting dignity for immigrants affected by homelessness through access to community support and comprehensive quality care.


The US welcomes millions of immigrants from all over the world. Experiencing a new country can be very distressing due to cultural stigma and being away from their loved ones.

Transitioning to a new culture involves a range of challenging issues including acculturation, barriers to financial success and prejudices. There is a confirmed rate of undiagnosed and untreated mental health problems among African immigrants to the U.S. The most common mental health illnesses include: depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, PTSD and bipolar disorder. But there are little or no mental health care services for immigrants of color.

We are working towards the better understanding of the obstacles and opportunities for providing better accessibility to effective mental health care services and treatments. We depend on a strong proffessional force that works directly with the homeless and other community public health partnerships for African immigrantsorganizations that provide the needed services.

Our Great Team

Margaret Wangui

Founder/ President

She is the Senior Administrative Staff Supervisor. She oversees and manages organization programs and projects. She also does annual budgeting for the Board of Directors and ensures the staff sticks to the budget.

Gabriel M N'goto

Chief Operations Manager/ Vice President HR (USA)

He supervises the organizations leading key initiatives and works closely with the Director and the CEO on the organization's management to implement strategies.

Caroline Wangechi Munene (Kenya)

Director of Philanthropy/ Counselor

She manages all the organization's charitable donations. She helps execute the mission statement and guides the organization to achieve it's fundraising goals.

Jane Wanjohi (Kenya)

Social Services Assistant

She assists the director in identifying needy families, researching on their history and recommending programs to integrate them in to.

Jehoshaphat Mwangi (Kenya)

Social Services Director

He identifies individuals in the community that require assistance and integrates them into our programs to improve their lives.

Marilyn R Gross


She oversees and manages organization programs in the USA.

Emelda Nguku

Head of Marketing (USA)

She focuses on developing marketing campaign strategies to create brand awareness for PGIO. She promotes the organization's vision and cause to attract potential donors and volunteers.

Ellenah Wangui Theuri (Kenya)


She works with the board members to provide office support to the team to ensure the organization runs effectively. She ensures that all documents and filing are up to date.

Daniel Ngoto (Kenya)

Youth Center Supervisor

He manages the day to day operations of the Rescue Center. He supervises the residential workers and staff members.

Micheal Mwangi (Kenya)

Youth Center Director

He coordinates and manages the programs designed to provide mentorship, educational support and supervising the youth. He also organizes community outreach.

William N. Simba

Director/ Vice President Finance (USA)

He works closely with the board and all the department heads to ensure smooth running and effectiveness in the organization.

John Maina

Operations and Recruiting Officer (USA)

He manages all recruiting-related activities, equips recruiters with effective tools to approach the hiring process, and scouting talent for the organization.

Pauline Wambui

Chief Finance Manager (Kenya)

She oversees all the financial operations of the organization based on the allocated budget.

Lydia Wanjiku Mwangi (Kenya)

Human Resource Manager

She is responsible for hiring, training and monitoring performance of the employees and the volunteers.

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